The whole family came down with a stomach bug in the middle of the night. 
Two adults and two kids under the age of 3. It wasn't a pretty sight. After a couple of hours of intense pain and tears we remembered we had some Pure Eden Activated Charcoal in the cupboard. We had a large dose and gave the kids charcoal slurry in their bottles and within 10 to 15 minutes all tears and pain had subsided. It is amazing how fast it works. We always keep a jar of it in the medicine cabinet as its great for poultices too.
Louise,  UK.

We used a Pure Eden Activated Charcoal and made a poultice as our cat had a cyst on her back from a cat fight. We left the poultice on overnight and by morning it had drawn the whole cyst out. We then gave the cat some charcoal in her food and on her open wound for a few days and it was totally healed. No vet bills.
Stephanie, NZ 

We saved a small kittens life with Pure Eden Activated Charcoal when we were in Bali. The mother cat had disowned it as it was not growing due to severe intestinal worms, so we gave the kitten some charcoal in its food for a couple of weeks and it eliminated the worms and allowed the kitten to put on weight. Its mum accepted it back into the litter and our job was done. That same trip we helped numerous people with bad Bali Belly by giving them a large dose of Activated Charcoal. Within about half an hour, they were back by the pool enjoying their holiday and spreading the word of Activated Charcoal and its super powers as the Black Diamond of Health.
Zdenek, Queensland

For many years I had a sebaceous cyst on my back. My sister put an Activated Charcoal poultice on it over night using Pure Eden Activated Charcoal. By morning I could see it had drawn the cyst closer to the surface so I applied a second poultice and within two days the cyst had been drawn out completely. Hooray for Activated Charcoal. 
Renae,  Queensland

I won't drink alcohol without Pure Eden Activated Charcoal on hand. I have a tablespoon after a night out drinking and another teaspoon the following morning. Wow, what a difference it makes. It's the best hang over cure.
Cara, Adelaide

I have always suffered from intestinal bloating. It didn't matter what I ate or drank, I was constantly in pain.  I had food allergy tests and went to see many different doctors and natural therapists who were not able to help me. Then I was recommended to do a Pure Eden Activated Charcoal 30 day detox. Within days, my bloating and stomach discomfort was gone and as the detox progressed I felt better and better. My stomach was flat again for the first time in years and I could eat whatever I wanted without any bad effects. I did the detox about 2 years ago and I still feel great. I think my colon was blocked and my system needed a good clean out. Thanks to Pure Eden Activated Charcoal.
Lisa, Melbourne

My friend gave me a bar of your Pure Eden Activated Charcoal detox soap as I have Rosacea. I have only used it for 3 days and my Rosacea is clearing up fast and the itching has improved dramatically. I’m really impressed with your Activated Charcoal soap as my doctor prescribed a few different creams which only seemed to aggravate it more.
Alison, Sydney

Hey how are you going? I have to tell you my little story. It’s a little gross so don't read this while eating. So in March I broke my foot, after six weeks of not being able to wash my foot properly and being down south my skin got very dry. Two of my toes got infected the big toe really bad. I went to the doctor four times and was put on antibiotics. Five full courses later and two different creams and hundreds of dollars nothing was working. Four days ago I decided, what have I got to loose I will give Activated Charcoal a go, so for the past four nights I've wrapped my toes in a Activated Charcoal poultice and left it over night. Today, for the first time in 14 weeks I was able to wear shoes with no pain, no bleeding and no yucky discharge. OMG, cured my toes!!!! I'm absolutely shocked beyond belief as is my boyfriend who thought this Activated Charcoal thing was a load of rubbish! I've got my toes wrapped up at the moment to ensure they are perfect. I will not go on antibiotics again as I felt so crappy. I'm sticking with my statement I made to you a few years back. This product is gold and will make you millionaires if everyone is willing to give it a go and see the results for themselves!!!! Thanks Lisa and Zdenek you are my saviours!!!!
X Sent from my iPhone

Hi guys,
I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you for this wonderful product. I found myself rather ill a couple weeks ago and found some last remaining Activated Charcoal in my cupboard. Enough for one glass. It instantly soothed my sore ear, throat and mouth ulcers. You were kind enough to give me some more that evening (yeah for being local) and with two more doses the following day I was back to 100% after fighting off the bug for about 8 days.
Never have I had such relief (let alone instant) from my mouth ulcers. It's a dream come true. Everyone in the family takes it in this house including the dog. Love the stuff, love you guys. Love your vision! 
Xx Jessica Bannock

Thank you for your great product. Over the past five years I have suffered numerous UTI’s (Urinary Tract Infections) which have all resulted in consulting a doctor and taking antibiotics. For the first time ever I immediately started taking the prescribed dosage of Activated Charcoal. To my surprise it cleared the infection within two days. No antibiotics this time. I will continue to take my Activated Charcoal dose every day. Thank you Pure Eden.