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Eden Super Greens - 400g
Eden Super Greens - 400g
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Life has become all about numbers and digits. It’s all about the bottom dollar and how much of a profit one can make. Quality and reality take a back seat to this dominant factor. On the other hand, we choose to put our trust in God-made perfection grown in nature instead of man-made junk concocted in a laboratory (Psalms 118:8).

It’s not about how much of a certain vitamin or mineral you take, but how much of that you can absorb. It’s not about how many milligrams you get of this or that nutrient but how much actually gets to your organs from your bloodstream and into your cells where you want it to go. Eden SuperFood uses whole food superfoods created by God and are absorbed quickly and easily.

Our Heavenly Father has perfectly balanced these foods that can supply us with a wide range of natural food source vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential trace phytonutrients in the right balance and levels for us (His creation) to utilize. Eden SuperFood is complete nutrition, perfected, created and designed for maximum nutrition easily absorbed at a cellular level, which is what you need. We just mix it together.

  • Spirulina - highest plant source of absorbable protein (65%)
  • Chlorella - Do you want to keep heavy metals IN your body?
  • Alfalfa - Draws minerals from deep in the earth
  • Barley grass - Great source of nutrition
  • Wheat grass - Mildly cleansing and full of chlorophyll
  • Beetroot - Cleansing and known for building blood
  • Rosehips - A natural source of highly absorbable vitamin C
  • Spinach - Rich source of iron, calcium and vitamin K
  • Dulse - Rich natural source of trace elements
  • Peppermint - Excellent digestive aid and adds flavour
  • Stevia - May help natural sugar balancing