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Agri Lush 4.5L
Agri Lush 4.5L
Sale price: AU $82.50
Agri-Lush - a biochar inoculated with beneficial soil microorganisms and enriched substrates. Agri-Lush helps bind organic toxins (such as herbicides) from soil to provide a safer environment for new or existing root systems. 

Agri-Lush provides the following plant health benefits:
  • Improved Soil Drainage
  • More Neutral pH
  • Reduced Soil Compaction
  • Increased Nutrient Cycling
  • Greater Retention of Water In Dry Soils
  • Improved Germination
  • Improved Plant Resistance To Fungal Disease
  • Root Feeding Nematodes and Insect Infestations. 
Agri-Lush is made by a team of horticultural professionals that specialize in the production and use of carbon-based soil amendments. With six years of field research in turf and agricultural applications, these products have made numerous achievements in crop health and productivity.

Great for organic gardeners who want to restore soil damaged by chemical treatments.